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What Should be in an Auto Emergency Kit?

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Cars can break down any time of year, but breakdowns in the dead of winter can be scary. If you only travel in Brooklyn, you probably can get away with only having a cell phone to call for help. But if you are visiting family or friends far away from home, you will need more in the event your car stops working. Cell phone reception can be spotty in much of the country, which means you might need to hunker down for a little bit as you wait for help.

Prepared drivers have an emergency auto kit before they head out on the road. This kit can also help you after an auto accident while you wait for emergency services. Below, we list 4 items every driver should have in their kit.


If you break down in the middle of the night, you might need to walk to the nearest business so that you can call for a tow. The only way you will be able to see is if you have a flashlight. Flashlights are also a good idea in inclement weather since they can tell drivers your location.

Make sure you have sufficient batteries for your flashlight. Also try to get a flashlight with a strong strobe light.

First Aid Kit

If you are in a crash, you or a passenger could suffer injuries. A first aid kit can helpfully treat smaller injuries and stabilize a person until the ambulance arrives. But what should be in your first aid kit? Here are some the supplies you should have:

● Assorted adhesive bandages
● Gauze pads of various sizes, including blood stopping gauze
● Medical adhesive tape
● Antibacterial ointment
● Over-the-counter pain medication
● Anti-itch treatment
● Safety pins
● Antiseptic wipes
● Finger splints
● SAM splints
● Knife
● Safety razor blade
● Cotton-tipped swabs
● Medical gloves

You can buy first aid kits already assembled or make your own, though it might be more expensive to make your own. Keep it is a safe, waterproof container.

Survival Blanket

In freezing temperatures, you could die before you are rescued. A thermal mylar blanket is an excellent addition to any emergency kit. They are lightweight and easy to back. These blankets retain up to 90% of a person’s body heat, which will allow you to ride out any cold storm. You can buy them online or by visiting a camping supplies store.

Snacks & Water

You don’t know how long you will be waiting for a rescue, so make sure you have something to eat and drink. Keep it simple. A couple of water bottles are preferable to caffeinated beverages, which are dehydrating. Snacks should be something that is easy to digest but also has a high calorie content.

Remember to keep your snacks and water in an insulated bag so that they do not freeze in the winter.

Stay Safe

There are other pieces of equipment every responsible driver should have, such as jumper cables and a reflective triangle to put out on the side of the road. Make sure you have everything before starting out on a long trip.

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