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Municipal Liability Cases in New York

tree path in park

Recently a woman was struck by a falling tree branch while sitting on a park bench at Washington Square Park. She was struck in the head and received serious spine and head injuries from the falling limb. Luckily her son, as well as various bystanders, were there to help. The limb itself was large and measured some 35 inches around. The tree was showing signs of a fungus, which may have contributed to the branch cracking and falling. The trees in our parks should often be inspected, and if the city fails to do so, it may be in a bit of hot water. Certainly we all should feel safe while visiting and relaxing in our local parks, walking down the sidewalk or using other government services or buildings.

This incident serves to remind us of the many other accidents, injuries and even deaths that we have seen occur over the years in our city of Brooklyn, as well as throughout New York City and New Jersey, where the municipality is at fault. These incidents include malfunctioning traffic signals and improper guard rails.

What is municipal liability?

Municipal liability encompasses city, county, or state responsibility for accidents, injuries and damages. Municipalities are required to maintain the upkeep of public property including roads, sidewalks, public transportation, parks, government buildings, swimming pools, and public schools.

In not properly maintained, the municipality may be held liable.

Have you been injured on public property and feel that the city, state or county is at fault for not properly maintaining what caused your injury? This includes local roads, sidewalks and parks. Perhaps we can help. Our municipal liability lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you receive any compensation for your injuries that you may deserve.

You can contact the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates at 718-407-4123 or you can contact us online. We serve the municipalities of Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, New York and New Jersey.


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