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Bus Driver Who Killed NYC Citi Bike Cyclist in Manhattan Gets 30 Days

bicyclist about to be hit by car

Bicycling is an important mode of transportation in Brooklyn as well as in Manhattan, but it can be filled with risks. The death of a man cycling to work in 2017 is in the news once again as the bus driver charged with the accident receives the maximum sentence that a Manhattan judge could give – 30 days.

Parked Cars Create Narrow, Dangerous Roads

Dan Hanegby was a 36-year-old investment broker and the father of two children. He was riding a Citi Bike to work on the morning of June 12, 2017 at around 8:10 am when the accident happened.

According to reports, Hanegby was on a road without a dedicated bike path, and parked cars had narrowed the road ahead of him, causing Mr. Hanegby to move away from the shoulder. A charter bus, operated by Dan Lewis, was behind him and should have slowed down.

Instead, the driver honked his horn while he tried to scoot past and ended up clipping Mr. Hanegby’s bike. The cyclist fell and was run over by the 50,000-pound bus, dying shortly thereafter.

Early reports claimed that the victim swerved to avoid a vehicle, but surveillance video disproved that claim. The bus driver was ultimately investigated and charged with misdemeanor failure to yield to a bicycle, which carries a maximum punishment of 30 days in jail.

Help for the Family of the Accident Victim

To most people, 30 days in jail for carelessly killing a young father and husband sounds ridiculous. Surely, a negligent bus driver should face more time than that? Amazingly, however, the bus driver has not even been charged with reckless driving or even manslaughter.

Fortunately, a criminal trial does not end the matter. In New York, injured victims and their families can also sue the people who injured them and receive compensation. This compensation makes up for economic losses like medical bills and lost wages, as well as for pain and suffering. Although the purpose of a civil trial is not to punish the defendant, it can at least afford the victim some sense of justice.

Because Mr. Hanegby died, his wife could have a claim for wrongful death. Wrongful death lawsuits allow a spouse to receive compensation for the negligent death of a husband or wife. Given the facts as we know them, Mrs. Hanegby very well might have a valid claim against the bus driver for carelessly trying to pass her husband when there was insufficient room. She would have two years from the date of her husband’s death to file a lawsuit.

Holding Negligent Motorists Accountable

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