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Truck Underride and Override Accidents


Because of their size, commercial trucks like 18-wheelers pose unique hazards to other motorists on the road. Two of the more common collisions are underrides and overrides, which can cause fatal injuries to motorists. If you’ve suffered an injury by a commercial vehicle, you should contact a Brooklyn truck accident lawyer today.


When a truck stops suddenly, motor vehicles following behind might be unable to stop in time to avoid a collision. If not, an underride can result. Because the trailer is elevated, the passenger car can become wedged underneath the trailer. In particularly bad underrides, the top of the vehicle might get sheared off, exposing passengers to injury.


An override can happen whenever a passenger vehicle brakes suddenly in front of a tractor-trailer or scoots into the lane unannounced. When the following big rig is unable to stop in time, it can crash into the rear end and ride over the trunk and into the back seat. Overrides pose a serious hazard to passengers in the backseat who can become crushed underneath the weight of the truck.

Bringing a Lawsuit

In order to have a valid legal claim, you will need some proof that the truck driver is responsible for the accident. If you as the driver of a passenger vehicle are responsible, then you cannot receive compensation unless the truck driver also made a mistake.

Truck drivers often cause underrides and overrides through:

  • Aggressive driving
  • Failure to properly maintain their vehicles
  • Improperly installed underride guards which should prevent cars from getting wedged underneath
  • Dangerous weather conditions, such as blizzards or fog
  • Malfunctioning lights, including brake lights

These are only some of the causes of collisions. If you meet with a truck accident lawyer in Brooklyn, you can review your case to identify whether you have a legitimate cause of action.

Investigating Your Accident

After a collision, the trucking company might have an investigator on the scene within minutes, collecting evidence to use. You shouldn’t be surprised if the trucking company blames you for the crash. For example, they might allege you suffered an underride because you were following too closely or not paying attention when the truck stopped. Or the trucking company might allege that you shot in front of the truck or braked suddenly, causing an override.

To build your case, write down what you remember about the accident or tell your version to a friend to record. Note your actions before the collision. Your own memories can serve as an important starting point for an investigation into what really happened. Your lawyer might follow up by investigating witnesses, looking for surveillance video, or pulling data from the truck’s black box in the search for helpful information.

Call a Truck Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn Now

At the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez, we have seen first-hand the devastation that truck collisions can cause. Our team will help you strategize how to get compensation for your injuries. Schedule your free case evaluation with a member of our truck accident team today, by calling 718-407-4123 or submitting our contact form. Don’t delay.


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