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Summer Trip Safety Tips

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With summer here, many people will embark on summer trips to visit relatives or see some of the sights in other parts of the nation. However, if you are planning to drive, then you should be aware that the roads will be congested. Heavy traffic means an increased risk for auto accidents. To ensure your trip is a safe one, remember the following tips.

Have Your Car Serviced Before Starting Out

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advises drivers to take their car to the mechanic before heading out on a long trek. A tune up can include:

  • Rotating tires
  • Changing oil
  • Checking the battery
  • Replacing burnt out bulbs

By making sure your car is in good condition, you reduce the chances of it breaking down along the way or of you losing control of the vehicle.

Use Seatbelts and Safety Seats

All adults should wear their seatbelts. However, children need special attention. Remember the following rules:

  • Children younger than 13 should ride in the back seat.
  • Install booster seats and car seats according to the directions. The seat should be appropriate to the size of your child. If the seat is too large or small, your child will not be protected.
  • Never leave your children unattended inside the vehicle.

By using seatbelts and safety seats, you can dramatically reduce the chance of injury on the trip.

Stay Focused on the Road

Smart, defensive driving is critical in Brooklyn every single day. It is equally important on a road trip. Remember to reduce distractions such as cell phone calls so that you keep your eyes on the road.

Of course, children can get antsy on long trips, so make sure that they have enough food and beverages as well as games to keep them busy. Children also need to stretch and walk around, so plan regular pit stops. It is better for a child to run around for 5 minutes outside than for them to be climbing all over each other and distracting you. You might not want to interrupt your trip, but pull over and give your kids a break.

Leave Yourself Ample Time to Reach Your Destination

You might feel pressure to drive all night to get to a destination. Unfortunately, fatigue will increase the chances of a crash. Do not think that stimulants like caffeine will keep you mentally alert. All they do is mask the symptoms of fatigue.

If necessary, break trips up into two days. Stay at a hotel or a camp grounds for the night and then complete your trip on the second day. By giving yourself enough time, you will reduce the temptation to speed or drive aggressively, which will also increase your safety.

Contact a Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

After an accident, injured motorists and their families need compensation to cover the costs of their injuries. We are here to help. The Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates represents Brooklyn drivers involved in auto wrecks, and we have several decades of experience on our side. If you would like to speak with one of our car accident lawyers, please reach out today. Initial consultations are free.


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