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Several More Bicycle Accidents Rock Brooklyn

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Several bicycle fatalities in Brooklyn have been in the news recently. These stories serve as a timely reminder that riding a bicycle is still dangerous, despite the mayor’s professed goal of increasing safety by creating more dedicated bicycle lanes in Brooklyn.

These accidents are all tragic—yet, they offer important lessons for cyclists and for motorists in Brooklyn and the other boroughs.

Cyclist Killed in Marine Park

Gothamist has a story about a 29-year-old cyclist who was struck by a driver in Marine Park on Sunday, May 12th. The cyclist was killed crossing Avenue U when he was hit by the driver of a Toyota Highlander at about 8:00 pm. The cyclist suffered a catastrophic head injury and was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

This was the eighth cycling fatality in New York for 2019. It was also the fourth cyclist to be killed in South Brooklyn this year. The city had only 10 cycling fatalities in all of 2018, so we are well ahead of last year’s pace.

South Brooklyn is an especially dangerous area for cyclists. As Gothamist pointed out, many advocacy groups have called on the mayor and city council members to give extra attention to this area to increase cyclist safety. Unfortunately, the mayor does not plan to add dedicated bike paths in South Brooklyn—at least, not any time soon.

Teenager Dies in Borough Park Cycling Accident

Another cycling fatality happened in Borough Park in mid-May. The sixteen-year-old was riding north on 17th Avenue near 53rd Street when he swerved to avoid an opened car door. These types of accidents are unfortunately fairly common, because few motorists check behind them before opening a door. Some cyclists either crash into the door or, as here, swerve and end up being hurt in other ways.

This particular cyclist, Yisroel Schwartz, tried to swerve but was still knocked off his bike. He was then hit by a van driving north on 17th Avenue. According to ABC 7, the teen suffered a serious head injury and died after being taken to the nearest hospital.

Cyclist Mowed Down in Crown Heights

A 22-year-old, Kenichi Nakagawa, died while riding his bike on Brooklyn Avenue around 5:20pm on Saturday, May 11th. According to police, Nakagawa was in the intersection when he was struck by a Toyota Sienna driving along Dean Street. The cyclist was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and died a few days later.

According to police, this accident seemed to be the cyclist’s fault, since the driver had the right of way. Nevertheless, the accident is tragic and could possibly have been avoided.

Fighting for the Rights of People Injured in Brooklyn Bicycle Accidents

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