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Questions about No Fault Benefits

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New York motorists must carry at least $50,000 in no-fault benefits. These benefits make it easy for injured motorists to receive medical payments quickly after an accident without having to go through the hassle of filing a lawsuit.

As a leading New York law firm, we continue to receive questions about these benefits from the public, so we answer some of the more common questions below.

When Do I Tap My No-Fault Benefits?

Whenever you are in an accident. No-fault benefits are just that—you can receive them regardless of whether or not you caused the crash. This means you can strike a car or motorcyclist and still receive compensation from your insurer.

What Do No-Fault Benefits Pay For?

Generally, they will cover all medical treatment related to injuries sustained in an accident. For example, you can receive compensation for:

●     Ambulance services

●     Surgery

●     Hospital stays

●     Doctor’s visits

●     Dental care

●     Psychiatric care

●     Rehabilitation

●     Prosthetics

●     Prescription drugs

No-fault benefits also cover 80% of your lost wages if you could not work while injured, up to a maximum of $2,000 a month. You can receive replacement of lost wages for up to three years.

What if I am Injured as a Passenger?

The vehicle owner’s no-fault benefits should cover you.

What if I am Injured while Riding a Bus?

This scenario is an exception to the rule that you make a claim on the vehicle’s insurer. Instead, you will need to make a claim with your own insure—provided you own a car.

However, if you don’t, then you might be able to make a claim with the insurer of any relative who owns a car with whom you currently live. For example, you might be living with your parents, who own a car. You can usually tap their insurer for coverage if you are injured on a bus.

What if I am Injured as a Pedestrian?

This is a common scenario—and a tragic one. The simple fact is that pedestrians often suffer horrific injuries when they are struck by a motor vehicle.

The rule in New York is that the vehicle at fault will pay out benefits. This means if your neighbor backs over you while pulling onto the road, you can get their insurer to pay for your medical care and other losses.

Do No-Fault Benefits Apply in a Hit and Run?

Yes. This is actually a terrific benefit of this insurance. If you own a car, then your insurer will pay out benefits after a hit and run. However, you must contact the police immediately after the accident and file a police report.

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