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NYC Subway Accidents

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There have been many subway related injuries and deaths in New York in recent years and throughout the history of the NYC subway system.

One recent accident occurred when a man in The Bronx was almost swept into the path of an oncoming subway train when a huge burst of water came from a construction zone on the platform. Other recent accidents have included electrocution as well as pedestrians being hit by a subway train. In probably the deadliest subway accident in NYC history that resulted in many injuries and deaths is the infamous accident in Brooklyn over 100 years ago. This incident was caused by the train smashing into an abutment made of concrete on the evening of Nov. 1, 1918. Over 250 were injured, and almost 100 deaths were caused. This accident put in place many safety features that are still in place today.

More Recent Subway Mishaps – and Tragedies

The recent power outage caused the subway to be halted.

A 12 year old boy injured his leg when he was struck by a subway train in Manhattan.

A man was killed when he was dragged by the train into a tunnel off the platform. How he became entangled with the train is still unknown.

A woman who lived in Brooklyn was dragged by the train at Union Square and died.

A man was killed when he fell from the train when passing between two subway cars.

Another woman died when she fell on the subway stairs while holding her baby and a baby stroller.

A man was shot while standing on a platform waiting for a train.

A wooden beam from elevated subway tracks failed and crashed into a man’s windshield. He survived, but obviously he could have been seriously injured or killed.

All these accidents occurred this year. They show the incredible wide array of ways to be injured or killed involving the subway.

NYC Subway Facts:

  • Approximately 5.1 million people ride the NYC subway system every day
  • 7 billion ride the subway every year
  • Subway routes are numbered from 1-7 and subway route letters include A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, L, M, N, Q, R, S, W, Z
  • It’s at the discretion of subway personnel on how long to hold a train at a station to allow for passengers to transfer to a waiting or oncoming train
  • The number of subway cars is 6,418
  • The longest ride between stops is approx. 31 miles
  • The first subway system in NY had 28 stations and currently has 472 stations
  • The lowest subway station is 180 ft. below ground
  • The highest is 88 ft. above ground
  • The 10 busiest subway stations are all in Manhattan:
  1. Times Sq.
  2. Grand Central
  3. Herald Sq.
  4. Union Sq.
  5. Penn Station 1 Line
  6. Penn Station A Line
  7. Fulton St.
  8. Columbus Circle
  9. Lexington Av.
  10. 86 St.

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