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Legislature Votes to Expand Speed Cameras in School Zones

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Don’t want to be caught speeding and be required to pay a fine? If not, then you will need to find your brakes when entering a school zone. According to ABC 7 News, the New York legislature passed a bill in mid-March that will expand the use of speed cameras in the state’s school zones. Governor Cuomo also supports the bill, which could soon lead to more tickets for people driving too fast.

Dramatic Expansion

According to a report in Curbed, the number of cameras in New York City will soon jump from 140 to 750. This means that every public school in the city will soon have a speed camera out front. The cameras will be on to catch speeding drivers from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm but not overnight when there are no students. The school zone will extend no more than 1,320 feet from the school’s entrance, exit, or building.

The expansion builds on a pilot program enacted in 2014 by the city’s Department of Transportation that brought speed cameras to 140 zones in the city. Last summer, the cameras were briefly turned off because of insufficient funds, but the program gained renewed support after thousands of people allegedly began speeding in the zones that hosted at least one camera.

Statistics: Speed Cameras Reduce Traffic Accident Injuries

One reason so much public support has built so quickly for speed cameras is that they have been shown to reduce speeding:

●     63% drop in speeding traffic

●     14% drop in traffic injuries

The New York numbers are not unusual. Other cities have found that installing speeding cameras has reduced speeding as well. For example, the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., installed speed cameras around the city. They found that travel speeds declined around 14%, and that the proportion of cars that were speeding by more than 10 miles per hour fell an astounding 80%!

Because there is a direct link between speed and the severity of traffic accident injuries, any reduction can certainly limit the loss of life. It should also limit the number of visits to the emergency room, saving all of us money.

One advantage of speed cameras is that they can cover large areas at little to no cost. Certainly, they are cheaper than stationing one of the city’s cops near every school entrance. With the camera automatically capturing speeding motorists, our police force can fan out and handle more violent crimes without compromising on the safety of our school districts.

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