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Distracted Driving Causes Tragic Brooklyn Pedestrian Accident

pedestrian about to be hit by car

Another day, another tragic pedestrian accident in Brooklyn. The victim was a beloved 85-year-old grandmother who was killed walking home from church.

According to the New York Daily News, Stella Clinton had just left her parish church and was walking home when she was hit by a driver backing up his vehicle. Family members and friends describe the 85-year-old as “feisty.” Standing just under 5 feet tall, she was a devout Catholic who was seen at the Good Shepherd Church regularly for the past 40 years.

Mrs. Clinton had also worked at the parish elementary school, working as a lunch mother. She was struck a little after 4:00 pm on Wednesday by a driver who was backing out of his driveway on Avenue S near Brown Street. Mrs. Clinton was doing everything she was supposed to be doing. For example, she was walking on the sidewalk and not in the road. However, the driver was not paying attention and backed over her. She was taken to Kings County Hospital but died there.

Mrs. Clinton left behind four children as well as nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband in 2008 after being married for over 50 years.

A History of Driving Violations

The driver responsible for the accident has not been named in media reports—and, apparently, has not had any criminal charges filed against him. However, the Toyota Highlander involved in the crash had received two tickets for running a red light and an astounding 10 tickets for speeding in a school zone—all since 2013.

Of course, there may have been multiple drivers incurring these tickets, but the number alone is alarming. Clearly, the driver of this vehicle was a danger to others, even prior to causing Mrs. Clinton’s death.

Councilman Brad Lander spoke to the media to push for increased sanctions against dangerous drivers. For example, he has proposed a bill that would put a boot on the car of any driver with multiple traffic citations. Other cars would be outright impounded. To get their vehicle back, motorists would need to complete a driver safety course, which would hopefully make them more aware of dangerous driving habits.

In the meantime, pedestrians must exercise extreme caution when walking around Brooklyn, in particular when crossing driveways. Too many drivers are negligent and fail to look in their mirrors. As a result, tragedy can strike.

Injured in an Accident? Contact Us

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