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Community Remembers Cyclist Killed by Tanker Truck in Williamsburg Accident

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The cycling community is small, and couriers make up a smaller, tightly-knit group within the larger biking community. Couriers came together in March to remember the life of one of their own who was killed by a tanker truck in Brooklyn.

According to ABC 7 Eyewitness News, community members gathered at the crash site in Williamsburg to remember the life of Aurilla Lawrence. Lawrence died on February 28, just after midnight, in a hit and run accident on Broadway. At the vigil, bike messengers lit candles and shared stories about their 25-year-old friend.

According to Eyewitness News, video captured a silver tanker truck that the police think ended up sideswiping Lawrence before pulling away. The Mayor has promised to investigate the collision and death, vowing to use the full resources of the police to find out the culprit in the hit and run. According to ABC, police believe that they know the identity of the tanker truck driver but have not released a name to the media.

Cyclists Fear for Safety

Lawrence’s death has drawn attention from community activists who are warning that the city is not doing enough to protect cyclist safety. According to statistics, five cyclists have been killed in the first two months of 2019. This is half the number who were killed in the entirety of 2018. If this pace keeps up, then New York City could see a 300% increase in cyclist fatalities, year over year.

Cycling advocates want the city to pick up the pace with its Vision Zero initiative, which is supposed to install more bike lanes in the boroughs, including Brooklyn. The stretch on Broadway where Lawrence was killed has been slated to receive a bike lane—for the last four years. Had the lane existed, then Lawrence’s life might have been saved.

Vision Zero is de Blasio’s attempt to eliminate traffic deaths in New York City. The plan focuses on certain “priority corridors” where traffic incidents are most frequent and includes recommendations for installing more red lights and changing stop light timing. The city will also increase ticketing of traffic infractions, including failure to yield, in an attempt to make the roads safer.

Vision Zero has had some success. The number of traffic deaths in 2018 fell to the lowest since 1910. However, the slow pace of the program has angered many, and the recent uptick in deaths suggests that last year’s numbers might have been an anomaly.

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