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Car Accident Burn Injuries

car on fire from accident

When people think of car accident injuries, few probably think of burns. But cars run on fuel, which can easily ignite after a crash, causing fire and even an explosion. Because burns are very serious injuries, many survivors face years of rehabilitation to try and get back on their feet.

A recent crash in Lower Manhattan in late December is a reminder that auto accidents can cause burns. According to the Daily News, Marine Park resident Amy Phillipson perished in a fiery wreck when an Audi driven by Sherman Harrison clipped her Honda CR-V. The accident took place a little after 7:00 am on West Street, near Vesey Street.

After being struck, Phillipson’s SUV rolled over and then caught on fire. According to police, Harrison was driving recklessly with a Rottweiler sitting in the passenger seat as he wove in and out of traffic. After striking Phillipson, Harrison then crashed into several other vehicles, though fortunately no one else was injured.

Because of Phillipson’s death, the police have charged Harrison with manslaughter and additional crimes. He is currently waiting to be arraigned in court.

Why Burn Injuries are Hard to Recover From

Unfortunately, the victim in the Lower Manhattan died. But even when someone survives a crash, they face a very long road to recovery. Burn injury victims struggle mightily to overcome their injuries.

As one example, burned skin contracts and loses its elasticity, limiting a person’s range of motion. They might need skin grafts or other surgery to loosen the contractures, but surgery is expensive and rife with possible complications as well. To regain as much movement as possible, burn victims might need years of rehabilitation, and regaining full movement is never guaranteed.

Also, burns can cause severe emotional distress—perhaps greater emotional distress than any other injury we see. Burns on the face can be particularly traumatic, as many victims experience social withdrawal and the loss of close relationships. Reconstructive surgery can only partially reverse the effects of a bad facial burn.

Burn injuries can also take an emotional toll on the victim’s family, who might need group counseling or therapy. Many family members join support groups to help them manage the changes to their relationships brought about by the burn injury.

Burn Injury Compensation

Helpfully, victims can seek compensation from the driver who caused the accident. A settlement can help defray the cost of all medical expenses, including the costs of rehabilitation. A proper settlement should also include compensation for pain and suffering as well as mental anguish, which can be considerable depending on the burn.

If you or a loved one has been burned in a car accident, we are here to help. The auto accident lawyers at our firm have represented clients with relatively moderate burns to those who survived life-threatening injuries. Contact us today. One of our Brooklyn car accident attorneys can meet with you for a consultation.

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