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Cancer Misdiagnosis

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A young mother who was misdiagnosed with cancer is speaking out. She is imploring doctors and hospitals to start using the latest in AI technology, so other women won’t have to go through what she has. The young mother was initially diagnosed with breast cancer. After having a double mastectomy and receiving chemotherapy, it was discovered that her original biopsy had been misread. This scary, trying event has obviously been hard on her and her family, including her new baby, and this young woman wants to help raise awareness of the benefits of using AI technology to help prevent such errors.

New AI Technology Can Reduce Cancer Misdiagnosis

The AI technology she is referencing refers to a new program that scientists have developed that uses computer algorithms to help with lowering the number of false negative and false positive results from biopsies.
We know that the sooner cancer is found, the greater likelihood of it being successfully eradicated from a patient. Conversely, if the initial diagnosis is wrong and incorrectly points to cancer being present, the patient may have to undergo unpleasant and dangerous treatment such as chemotherapy or surgery that they don’t need and that can have lasting negative effects. At present, cancer misdiagnosis is very common: around 15% of cancer diagnoses are incorrect.

Cancer Statistics:

Cancer is more common with males than females. This is attributed to more tobacco use, having jobs with exposure to cancer-causing substances, and from a higher incidence of Hepatitis.

Not all cancers have the same death rate. Some cancers are more ‘survivable’ than others.
Estimated death rate:
· 85% pancreatic cancer
· 49% leukemia
· 36% bladder cancer
· 27% non-Hodgkin lymphoma
· 21% bladder cancer
· 17% breast cancer
· 12% prostate cancer

Some good news: in recent years, cancer death rates have declined for all of us – males, females, and children.
· Men – cancer death rates have declined 1.8% per year
· Women – cancer death rates have declined 1.4% per year
· Children – cancer death rates have declined 1.3% per year

Good news indeed, but there still is so much to be done, and we look forward to a day that the cancer fatality rate will be 0%.

In the meantime, we ask researchers and medical professionals to use everything at their disposal, including AI technology to speed progress with better, more accurate diagnosis. And we ask everyone who reads this to please share it with others to increase awareness among patients, family, friends and neighbors near and far.

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