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Brooklyn School Bus Crash

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As the beginning of the new school year approaches, we are reminded that there is nothing more important to parents than keeping their kids safe.  A school bus crash in Brooklyn recently resulted in 8 people being injured, most of them children.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), although 134 fatalities are the result of school vehicle accidents every year across the USA, only 8% of those fatalities involved kids riding in the school bus. Most school bus-related injuries actually happen outside of the school bus; kids inside the bus are, on the whole, much safer in the bus then outside it.

Driving to School – and School Bus Safety

These statistics remind us that although children are generally safe while riding the bus, accidents and injuries will happen.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that your children are much safer traveling in a school bus than in a car, and are seventy times more likely to arrive at their school safely when traveling by a school bus, then riding in a car.

If you or your child has been involved in a school bus accident that resulted in injury, contact the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates today at 718-407-4123.   Our bus injury lawyers have been handling bus accident cases for many years. We handle school bus, city bus, and tour and charter bus related injuries and all types of motor vehicle accidents in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey.


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