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Brooklyn Police Brutality Cases

NYC policeman

Two recent videos have brought to light two instances of police brutality in Brooklyn, this time against teens. It appears that both videos involved teens of color, which has brought a furor of comments and anger from many. The videos seem to show the teens being treated inappropriately. One was filmed at the Jay Street-MetroTech station, the other at the Franklin station, both in Brooklyn. One video shows a young man who is holding his arms in the air being suddenly thrown to the ground by 2 police officers. The young man is heard to say “Call my mom” before being tackled.  The police have reported that they received reports about a man with a gun, although no gun was found. Another video shows the apprehension of teenagers that were arrested after reports of young men who were assaulting a woman and spraying pepper spray in an enclosed subway train. This video shows the police who were throwing punches and also tackling the teens (ages include 18, 16 and 15) to the ground.

Since the Michael Brown fatality by the police in 2014 (Ferguson, Missouri), the issue of police brutality has become a nationwide topic. We know that most police officers are good people who are conscientious workers for the people of their jurisdictions. However, occasionally things do get out of hand and excessive force is used to apprehend suspects.

A recent case study has revealed that police who wore body cameras were less likely to use undue force against civilians. These same body cameras have also brought evidence to the public sphere, and to the courts, of the interactions between people and the police.

If you have been a victim of police brutality, or feel your civil rights were violated by police while being taken into custody or otherwise, call us at 718-407-4123 or contact us online  for a free consultation. Our police brutality lawyers have decades of experience handling these types of cases. We serve the communities of Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, New York and New Jersey.

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