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Brooklyn Fire Destroys Homes

fire fighters

A recent four alarm fire in the Brooklyn, NY community of Midwood caused extensive damage to 3 homes and injuries to 12 people including one firefighter. It is currently being viewed as a possible arson.

Another recent fire in Brooklyn (Greenpoint) burned a restaurant equipment warehouse and injured 5 firefighters.

Luckily, no deaths were reported, but these blazes bring to light the dangers of fires to the victims and also to firefighters.

The American Burn Association (ABA) reports some interesting facts from the year 2016:

  • Deaths from fire and smoke inhalation: 3,275
  • Burn injury hospitalizations: 40,000
  • Survival rate from burn injuries: 96.8%
  • Gender of burn victims: 32% Female, 68% Male
  • Ethnicity of burn victims: 59% Caucasian, 20% African-American, 14% Hispanic, 7% Other
  • Types of burns: 43% Fire or flame, 34% Scalding, 9% Contact burn, 4% Electrical burn, 3% Chemical burn, 7% Other
  • Where the burn occurred: 73% Home, 8% Work, 5% Road/Street/Highway, 5% Recreational (Sport), 9% Other

Types of Burns

First degree – The top layer of skin is burned. Redness and swelling occurs. Tends to have no blistering. Healing takes 3 to 5 days.

Examples include sunburn and scalding from a hot liquid.

Second degree – The first two layers of skin are burned. Pain, blistering, leaking fluid, loss of skin may occur. Healing takes 10 to 21 days and may include skin grafting.

Examples include chemical burns, scalding and flash flame/burn.

Third degree – The full thickness of the skin is burned. Tissue is permanently destroyed. Skin can turn color such as black or white. Scarring is probably permanent. Healing can take a long time.

Examples include direct flame, hot liquids and surfaces, electric burns, and chemical burns.

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