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Amusement Park Accidents

Coney Island Accident Lawyer

A day of fun and relaxation at an area amusement park can turn to tragedy in a split second. Poor construction of a ride, inadequate training causing an employee error, and the failure of safety devices can result in serious injury and death. The attorneys at the Brooklyn Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates will provide dedicated and aggressive advocacy for victims of amusement park accidents.

When you visit an amusement park, like Coney Island, with friends and family you assume that the grounds and rides have been properly constructed, maintained and inspected. Yet, before you realize what happened, you or a family member suffers serious and deadly injuries. Amusement park claims are emotionally charged, especially when a child is victimized or a loved one is tragically killed.

Whether we are in a courtroom or at a negotiation table, we will fight to maximize your compensation for your medical bills, lost income and other damages.

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