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Parental Alienation

Brooklyn, NY Child Custody Lawyers

Parental alienation can drive children apart from one parent. It can cause deep emotional issues that may require extensive therapy for parents and children. Social workers who work with divorced couples and their children are trained to look for signs of parental alienation, which involves one parent actively influencing a child to turn against the other parent, and for signs of parental alienation syndrome, which is a child’s rejection of one parent in response to the actions or attitude of the other parent.

These actions and results are not exclusive to bitter or contentious divorces. It is a commonly neglected issue in divorce. Children are easily influenced, and if your custody arrangement does not allow for much time with your children, your ex-spouse may have all the time he or she needs to turn your child against you.

Parental Alienation Is Damaging to Children and Parents

Children are usually innocent victims in this conflict between parents, but you might feel as if you have no control over the situation. If you do not take legal action or at least consult with an attorney to discover what your options might be, however, your child and your relationship with your child could be irreparably damaged. Without legal intervention or mediation, you may have no ability to respond to accusations or to affect the situation in any way.

Our attorneys can work with child psychologists, child services and the courts to evaluate your unique situation and enforce legal action if necessary. We know these issues are sensitive, and we will approach your case with compassion and care. If your situation warrants child custody modifications or court orders to put an end to abusive or destructive behavior, we are prepared to pursue the best interests of you and your child.

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