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Brooklyn Divorce

Each family member is impacted differently in a divorce case. Every case is unique. Our attorneys help clients understand the impacts on children, their financial responsibilities, custody issues, and property and debt division. The divorce process can be lengthy, and it can be costly. Our professional advice and guidance can provide you with efficient, cost-effective legal services that protect your rights, interests and children.

NY Divorce Attorneys Ensuring Your Best Possible Outcome

Providing information regarding tax returns, credit card bills, income statements, investments, bank records, retirement plans (401(k) plans, pensions, and stock portfolios), boats, sailboats or recreational possessions, professional licenses, vacation properties, hidden assets, and other information is essential to the favorable outcome of your case.

Failure to provide complete documentation could cause the court to rule favorably in your spouse’s interests rather than yours. We will help you prepare this documentation properly to ensure this does not cause damage to your case.

Preserving Civil Negotiations and Containing Our Clients’ Costs

Divorce cases can turn volatile at any moment, but an experienced attorney can keep things on track. Issues such as property division and custody issues can cause negotiations to erupt. It is critical to find common ground and to be prepared to resolve differences before they become contentious. Sharp disagreements and unwillingness to compromise can lead to time-consuming, expensive litigation.

However, if your case will benefit from litigation or from exposing information your ex-spouse would rather keep out of court, we are prepared to aggressively defend your case under any circumstances.

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