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Regardless of the grounds for divorce, family separation will impact each member of the family. Understanding what your financial responsibilities will be, how custody issues will be determined, and how debt and property may be divided requires the advice and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney. With over 40 years of combined legal experience, the Brooklyn, New York Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates provide clients with a clear understanding of New York divorce laws, what they can expect, and how to protect their interests during divorce proceedings.

Preparation and Documentation

The documentation provided by each party will have a significant impact on the court’s determination of major issues within the divorce, such as:

Brooklyn Spousal Support Lawyers

The attorneys at Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates emphasize the importance of providing thorough, accurate information involving the financial situation of both you and your spouse. It is essential to have any information regarding tax returns, credit card bills, income statements, investments, bank records, retirement plans (401k plans, pensions, and stock portfolios), boats, sailboats or recreational possessions, professional licenses, vacation properties, hidden assets, and other information. Failure to provide thorough information may result in the court favoring your spouse’s documentation, which supports his or her position, not yours.

Avoiding Bitter, Costly Battles

Regardless of how amicable you believe your relations to be with your soon to be ex-spouse, when property division and custody issues arise, even a peaceful divorce can turn volatile. As your attorney, we work hard to find common ground and resolve differences before they get out of hand and lead to time consuming, expensive litigation. However, we are prepared to aggressively defend your case, even if that means exposing information your ex-spouse would rather keep out of court.

Don’t let your ex-spouse dictate the terms of your divorce. Contact the Brooklyn divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates by calling (718) 522-0009. We provide free confidential consultations, as well as evening and weekend appointments by appointment.