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Wills and Trusts

Brooklyn, New York Estate Planning Attorney

Everyone, to some degree, takes the steps necessary to amass property and savings. If you are a parent, you are also committed to providing for your family. Current needs usually get first priority as we try to meet life’s demands.

In the effort to gain financial security, a simple step is often forgotten or skipped—the safeguarding of assets in the event we pass away or are otherwise unable to manage our affairs. A minimal investment of time and money now can effectively safeguard thousands and even millions of dollars, and can provide stability and security for surviving family members, including you children.

At the New York estate planning law firm of the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates, we are skilled in creating wills and trusts, and can work with you to create estate planning documents that fully reflect your wishes and fully protect your wealth and your family.

Planning for the Expected and the Unexpected

Wills and trusts can be used to accomplish a broad range of goals. For instance, by creating the appropriate will or trust, you can:

  • Distribute assets after death exactly as you wish, including disbursing funds to minor and adult children from other marriages
  • Leave money to children upon your death, but delay the date upon which they take ownership
  • Designate funds for children’s education
  • Provide legally enforceable directives if you suffer severe injuries

You have worked too hard to obtain your assets and, if you have a family, to provide for your family’s security. Do not forgo the important step of safeguarding your estate and your family. Contact the wills and trusts legal team at the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates by calling (718) 522-0009 today for a consultation.