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Weapons Charges

Weapons charges are serious criminal allegations, particularly if you have a state or federal felony on your record and have been accused of possessing a firearm. In some cases, weapons charges are brought along with other serious criminal allegations, such as drug charges. If you, a family member or a loved one is facing any firearm or weapons charge, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work to achieve a favorable resolution to the charges.

Criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates can provide a powerful defense to all types of state and federal weapons charges, including:

  • Criminal possession of a weapon
  • Unlicensed handgun possession
  • Possession of stolen or unlawful weapons
  • Possession of a defaced or altered weapon

Gun charges can be brought at either the state or federal level. Regardless of what court you have been charged in, our criminal defense attorneys can be of invaluable assistance.

Exploring Every Possible Defense Against the Charges

Depending on the facts of your case, there could be a number of potential defenses to gun charges. Perhaps the police found your gun as the result of an illegal search. If you or a loved one has been charged with possession, there may be valid questions on whether or not you “possessed” the weapon in question. If there is evidence showing that the police violated your rights, or if there is evidence showing reasonable doubts as to any part of your charge, we will find it. Our aggressive, skillful approach regularly leads to favorable results for our clients.

If you are up against weapons or firearms charges, you need someone protecting your rights throughout the legal process. Contact the experienced criminal law attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates in Brooklyn, New York, today by calling (718) 522-0009 to begin fighting your weapons charge.