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Head-On Collision Accidents

New York City Head-On Crash Attorney

Insurance agencies are powerful adversaries. You do not have to deal with them on your own. In fact, providing them any information undermines your personal injury claim. If you have suffered serious injuries or the death of a loved one in a head-on collision, even the odds you face and protect your rights by calling the Brooklyn Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates.

The Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates is located in Brooklyn and serves clients victimized by negligent drivers in a head-on collision throughout New York and New Jersey. Contact us today at 718-522-0009.

 Distracted drivers or those impaired by alcohol can veer into your lane without warning. Seat belts may restrain passengers. Air bags may lessen the impact. But, the violent, head-on collision often results in catastrophic, life-changing head, back and neck injuries. The shattering of a windshield can send shards of glass, scarring or killing a loved one.

Because of strict time limits, we take immediate action in protecting your rights and building a strong fact-based case. The insurance company will want to talk to you regarding the head-on collision and the damage that resulted. Before giving them any information or records, contact an experienced and dedicated attorney at Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates.

While you recover from your injuries, we team with experts that include accident reconstructionists, medical professionals and economic impact analysts. Our goal is to maximize your compensation for your recovery, lost wages and any long-term care that is needed.

Injuries may prevent you from working. The death of a primary wage earner can put a stable financial future in doubt. You need a seasoned personal injury lawyer who can negotiate your claim or take your case to trial.

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