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Injuries to Children

Brooklyn, New York School Accident Attorneys

Parents know that keeping tabs on their children is practically a full-time job. When children are not properly supervised in school or in other activities, they can suffer catastrophic injuries. In other situations, even children who are under adult supervision can be injured due to defective products, such as toys or playground equipment.

Whenever a child suffers a severe injury, it is a tragedy. During this time, you need a lawyer and a law firm that can help you recover the financial damages you need for your child’s medical expenses, future lost income and pain and suffering. Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates is based in Brooklyn and represents clients across the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and throughout New York and New Jersey. We will be dedicated to helping you through this hard time in your life, and your child’s life. Contact us today so we can begin investigating your child’s accident.

Our law firm can represent your child in any kind of accident caused by the negligence of another, including accidents that take place at:

  • Playgrounds, due to defectively designed or manufactured equipment
  • Schools
  • Gyms

No matter how your child was hurt, we will look closely at how your child was injured to find all liable parties. Once we have determined who is responsible, we will fight to recover full compensation for your child’s injuries.

Accurately Calculating Damages to Last a Lifetime

Anytime a child is seriously injured, calculating damages is very important. When a child’s injuries lead to severe developmental delays or lifelong disabilities, these expected costs can be staggering. Our attorneys will enlist the services of economists, life care planners and other experts to show how much money your child will need over the expected course of his or her life.

We know just how much you and your child need at this point in life. We will work tirelessly to help your child get the money he or she needs to live the fullest possible life going forward.

Contact the child injury attorneys at the Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates by calling (718) 522-0009 today.  We can be available for evening and weekend appointments.