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  • A Prenup May Be the Best Wedding Gift of All

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 3, 2014

    There are many reasons individuals don’t get a prenup before entering into matrimony. Above all, they may not know how to ask for a prenup. Weddings are a time of coming together, of unity; for obvious reasons, the days leading up to one’s wedding may not seem like the most opportune time to ask for a prenup. You don’t want ...
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  • New York Winter “Cabin Fever” Can Cause Domestic Violence Spike

    Posted By David Hernandez || February 18, 2014

    Last month, New Yorkers experienced one of the coldest, most dangerous blasts of polar air the region has seen in decades. With these frigid temperatures, more people are staying indoors, relying on the furnace to keep them warm until spring. For some families, however, being cooped up too long together can have a toll. According to a recent ABC News ...
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  • Valentine’s Day: Chocolates, Flowers, and Divorce Papers

    Posted By David Hernandez || February 11, 2014

    Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us in Brooklyn, New York, and for many, a spirit of love is in the air. For some, however, Valentine’s Day takes a less romantic turn—to divorce. As it turns out, the period immediately following Valentine’s Day is a popular time for married couples to split. According to a Yahoo! Shine, a recent study suggests ...
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  • Olympic Skier Bode Miller’s Child Custody Battle in Manhattan

    Posted By David Hernandez || January 2, 2014

    Child custody is one of the most serious areas of law, in my opinion. The fate of the child—and of the parents or vying guardians—lies in the hands of the court. With the everyday life of a child hanging on the decision of a judge, it is so important to have the best representation on your side. Even celebrities, in ...
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