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Category Archives: Drunk Driving

  • In New York, DUI checkpoints are common sights. Even at the checkpoints, however, officers are still required to follow protocols that respect your rights as a U.S. citizen. We would all like to believe police officers do all they can to ensure our rights, valued by us dearly, are not violated by the actions of law enforcement. Unfortunately, this is ...
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  • Fatal Car Accidents Involving Marijuana Have Tripled

    Posted By David Hernandez || September 24, 2014

    There is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of marijuana. For every staunch supporter of the legalization of pot there is a dead-set denouncer. Each side can lobby pros and cons at a dizzying rate. However, one recently released study highlights a disturbing trend that has emerged as “weed” has become more commonplace. A report from the Columbia University’s ...
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  • Does Driving High Heighten the Risk of a DUI?

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 29, 2014

    Marijuana is becoming an increasingly more accessible drug across the country: it’s being decriminalized in a majority of states, medical marijuanais legal in some parts of the country, and Washington and Colorado have made recreational marijuana legal. With increased accessibility comes increased use, and that means more people are getting behind the wheel after smoking. In the two states where ...
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  • Tips: Sharing the Road with a Drunk Driver

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 11, 2014

    Living in a city with so many drivers, and as a car accident lawyer in New York City, I have seen many accidents happen as a result of a driver deciding to slide behind the wheel after too much to drink. While it is clear that these accidents are very rarely the fault of the sober driver, it may be ...
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  • A Woman Abused by Officer in DUI Arrest

    Posted By David Hernandez || July 15, 2014

    Being pulled over by an officer who thinks you are driving under the influence of alcohol is scary: a DUI charge is serious and so are the penalties. But, at the very least, one would expect an officer making a DWI arrest truly believes that person is under the influence of alcohol. In some cases, officers make mistakes while administering ...
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  • Children Killed as Passengers of Drunk Drivers

    Posted By David Hernandez || July 4, 2014

    When you hear about a child being killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver, it may be natural to assume that the child was in the car with his or her sober family when the drunk driver caused the accident. Too many children die every year in alcohol-related car accidents, but a new study suggests that the majority ...
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  • How do I know if I’ve had too much to drink?

    Posted By David Hernandez || January 7, 2014

    Alcohol affects us all differently. One drink for a large, adult male may not affect his body at all, while an identical single drink may get a small female legally drunk. As a Brooklyn car accident injury attorney, I have sadly seen the results of many instances where the driver had too much to drink. Getting behind the wheel drunk ...
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