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Category Archives: Bus Accident

  • Most Dangerous Intersections in New York City

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 22, 2014

    Each day, you head out into the busy New York streets to commute to your job, visit a friend, or simply run you weekly errands. With so much hustle and bustle in the Big Apple, pedestrians are unfortunately not always safe. While a majority of drivers keep a keen eye out for anyone straying from the crosswalks, distracted driving has ...
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  • Federal Inquiry Launched into George Washington Bridge Scandal

    Posted By David Hernandez || February 2, 2014

    Many New York and New Jersey commuters may remember the snarled traffic nightmare last September on the George Washington Bridge, as lane closings brought many drivers to a halt. If you were involved in an auto accident of any typeon or near the George Washington Bridge during the time of the closings, you may want pay close attention to the ...
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  • Stretch of 11th Avenue One of the Roughest Drives in New York City

    Posted By David Hernandez || January 14, 2014

    As New Yorkers know, the streets of the city aren’t quite up to par these days. Potholes and bumps create jarring rides that, on occasion, can leave us injured. Most of the time, we trudge on through our day, making the best of the aches and pains caused by taxi, bus, and car rides. Despite all the troubled roads around ...
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  • Feds Shut Down Another New York City-to-Boston Bus Company

    Posted By David Hernandez || June 10, 2013

    Many New Yorkers have heard that federal regulators shut down a discount bus line that offered service from Chinatown in Manhattan to Boston last week. The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shuttered the company, Lucky Star, Thursday citing significant safety risks. This is the second New York-to-Boston bus service that has been halted by federal regulators within ...
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  • Fifteen people died in a terrible bus accident in March of this year in the Bronx. The bus was owned and operated by World Wide Travel in Brooklyn. According to the New York Times, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) investigation of the tour bus accident turned up serious safety violations. The company’s driver had violated the “hours of ...
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  • Bronx Bus Crash Highlights Need for Safety Measures

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 23, 2011

    Earlier this month 15 passengers were injured in when an MTA bus crashed into two other vehicles in the Bronx. The accident occurred when the bus made an unscheduled stop and struck a sports car and livery cab at the intersection of Third Avenue and 170th Street. One witness to the public transportation accident reported hearing a “boom” and then ...
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  • Bus Travel: Not Always as Safe as It Seems

    Posted By David Hernandez || July 25, 2011

    If you think bus travel is perfectly safe, think again. According to the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (the research arm of the U.S. Department of Transportation), there were a whopping 60,247 crashes involving buses in 2008. Those 60, 247 crashes resulted in 67 deaths and approximately 15,000 reported injuries. Just such a bus accident occurred in the early hours ...
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