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Blog Posts in August,2014

  • Does Driving High Heighten the Risk of a DUI?

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 29, 2014

    Marijuana is becoming an increasingly more accessible drug across the country: it’s being decriminalized in a majority of states, medical marijuanais legal in some parts of the country, and Washington and Colorado have made recreational marijuana legal. With increased accessibility comes increased use, and that means more people are getting behind the wheel after smoking. In the two states where ...
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  • Conquering a Multi-Car Crash: What to Know

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 25, 2014

    The interstate during rush hour is pretty much a nightmare. Cars are bumper to bumper; people frequently slam on their breaks and get easily frustrated.This type of traffic is a breeding ground for pile-ups and serious multi-caraccidents. Usually, when a car hits another vehicle from behind, it is that driver who is held liable for any injuries or damage. In ...
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  • Kids in Cars: Keep Them Buckled

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 18, 2014

    As years pass, and technology continues to improve, cars get safer for drivers and passengers. Seatbelts are sturdier and child safety seats are more secure and these safety instruments save lives — if they are used, and used properly. Although the frequency of fatalities in car accidents has decreased in recent years, the numbers are still urprisingly high especially among ...
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  • Tips: Sharing the Road with a Drunk Driver

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 11, 2014

    Living in a city with so many drivers, and as a car accident lawyer in New York City, I have seen many accidents happen as a result of a driver deciding to slide behind the wheel after too much to drink. While it is clear that these accidents are very rarely the fault of the sober driver, it may be ...
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  • Simulation Says “No Texting!”

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 5, 2014

    You hear your cellphone buzz while you’re driving. You know the text could be important, someone is expecting your swift reply. Do you pick up the phone and read the text? Do you reply? Most people know that the safe and correct answer is probably “no,” texting and driving is proven to be pretty dangerous. Unfortunately, texting and driving is ...
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