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Blog Posts in May,2014

  • Should I Sue for My Injury?

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 29, 2014

    When a potential client calls or emails our firm, or walks into my office for the first time, the conversation usually leads to one question: should I sue for my injury? As an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney, I have explained time and time again the necessary elements for bringing a successful lawsuit forth. A legal claim can be made ...
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  • Can I Use My Smartphone while Driving in New York?

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 26, 2014

    As if their weren't already enough distractions in New York City keeping drivers' eyes off the road, smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices are now capturing the attention of motorists across the city. Distracted driving has always been a problem in New York-I've witnessed this firsthand as an experienced Brooklyn car accident injury attorney-but has evolved over the past two decades. ...
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  • Most Dangerous Intersections in New York City

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 22, 2014

    Each day, you head out into the busy New York streets to commute to your job, visit a friend, or simply run you weekly errands. With so much hustle and bustle in the Big Apple, pedestrians are unfortunately not always safe. While a majority of drivers keep a keen eye out for anyone straying from the crosswalks, distracted driving has ...
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  • Don’t Let Divorce Turn Into Bankruptcy

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 19, 2014

    Going through divorce is challenging on a number of levels. You’re separating your life from the life of someone you used to love very much. Depending on your situation, you may be dealing with feelings of guilt. If the divorce is less than amicable, you may be struggling to handle that plus your normal 9-to-5 job. And if children are ...
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  • Rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 16, 2014

    The decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult one. For many individuals, it can feel as if they’ve decided to do something bad or even criminal. There may be feelings of guilt or failure. It doesn’t help matters that bankruptcy can damage one’s credit score. Rebuilding a credit score after bankruptcy can seem as daunting as paying off the debt ...
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  • Divorcee Loses over $1.5M by “Damaging” Ex’s Career

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 12, 2014

      Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you?" Chances are, you have; however, many of us have never had a real-life application for the saying. The same cannot be said for Upper East Side divorcee Janice Schacter. In April 2014, Judge Laura Drager cut Janice Schacter's stake in her ex-husband's law firm from $2.5 ...
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  • The Truth about Medical Malpractice

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 9, 2014

    Health insurance and the healthcare industry have been in the news a lot lately: the rising cost of healthcare is a hot-button issue. During the debates about healthcare, you’ll likely hear about medical malpractice suits. In fact, you’ll hear some individuals say that the number of suits is out of control, which contributes to the rising cost of healthcare in ...
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  • Crime Spikes in New York’s Housing Projects

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 5, 2014

    There is a rather frightening trend that many in New York may be completely unaware of. Over the last five years, housing projects in New York City saw major crimes shoot up a staggering 31 percent, whereas the rest of the city saw just a 3.3 percent increase. Those living outside of the housing projects may be shocked by this ...
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  • A Prenup May Be the Best Wedding Gift of All

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 3, 2014

    There are many reasons individuals don’t get a prenup before entering into matrimony. Above all, they may not know how to ask for a prenup. Weddings are a time of coming together, of unity; for obvious reasons, the days leading up to one’s wedding may not seem like the most opportune time to ask for a prenup. You don’t want ...
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  • Family Sues City for School Slashing

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 1, 2014

    If another child at school injured your child, whose fault is it? Does the blame and any legal consequences rest on the other child and his or her family or guardians? Should the blame lie on the shoulders of the school? One mother, whose son was cut on the face by another student while at school, says the blame actually ...
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