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Blog Posts in November,2013

  • Take These Dangerous Toys off of Your Holiday Shopping List

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 29, 2013

    Many New York residents are just as eager for the day after Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving Day. For bargain-hunters, the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday is a highly anticipated annual event. Many people plan to purchase one big-ticket item at a discount today; others impressively muster enough energy the morning after a turkey feast to get the majority of their ...
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  • Don’t Let an Injury Ruin Your Thanksgiving

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 28, 2013

    In New York, holidays seem to make everyone hurry even more than usual.Streets become more crowded, lines become longer, and, in correlation,accidents and injuries become more likely. As a New York personal injury attorney, I often see injuries caused in November, December, and January by people who are in a hurry, are negligent, or simply act carelessly. By cutting corners, ...
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  • What Is a Soft Tissue Injury Caused by a Car Accident?

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 26, 2013

    As a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn, New York, I am often asked about different types of injuries sustained after an auto accident. It is no secret that New York roads are constantly packed to the max,leading to all kinds of crashes, and unfortunately, a variety of resulting in injuries. One of the most common injuries I see with clients ...
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  • Residents of Lower Manhattan Suing Over Planned WTC Security Measures

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 21, 2013

    When the World Trade Center is at all involved in discussion, security almost always becomes the center of the conversation. After two successful attacks on the World Trade Center, no one wants to sign off on security measures that have the potential of being breached in the future, according to a recent New York Times article. As a result, barriers, ...
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  • Taxicab Accident Severs Foot of New York Tourist

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 7, 2013

    Taxicabs truly help Brooklyn function. Without them, we would have streets overpopulated with personal vehicles (as if New York traffic wasn’t bad enough) and an overcrowded subway system. Unfortunately, taxi drivers have been known to drive carelessly-sometimes at the expense of a rider, or worse, an unprotected pedestrian. You’ve likely heard the recent news story of a British tourist hit ...
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  • NYU Student Falls Ten Stories, Rescued after Two Days

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 2, 2013

    As a New York University alumnus, I truly appreciate the opportunity and education the school provides. Growing as a student and person right in the heart of the greatest city in the world has helped to prepare me for my career as a Brooklyn personal injury attorney. This is why a recent story from the New York Daily News caught ...
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