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Yearly Archives: 2013

  • 75 Fatal Injuries to New York City Workers in 2012

    Posted By David Hernandez || December 23, 2013

    As a personal injury attorney in New York City, I realize the potential hazards of the workplace. Whetheryou’re on a construction site or in an enclosed office, there is always some risk of injury while on the job—or worse,fatality. Unfortunately, not everyone takes these risks seriously. In some cases,it is the employer who fails to take the necessary step of ...
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  • Brooklyn Officer Returning to Duty after Wrongful Shooting

    Posted By David Hernandez || December 19, 2013

    It is the duty of the NYPD to protect and defend the innocent on our streets, keeping us all safe and away from harm. Officers also owe a duty to those they are pursuing, however, to uphold their rights and not abuse the power of police authority. As a New York personal injury attorney that has dealt with many police ...
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  • Remembering Nelson Mandela

    Posted By David Hernandez || December 10, 2013

    Last week, the world lost one of its true great leaders, a visionary, an activist, and a man who defeated racial barriers. Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, Nobel Prize winner, and anti-Apartheid icon, passed away at age 95. Few people in history have had such an influential impact on racial relations in the world as Mandela did, and ...
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  • Brooklyn Residents: Be Aware of “Knockout” Attacks in Area

    Posted By David Hernandez || December 9, 2013

    As a personal injury and criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn, I have to keep a close eye on crime trends in New York City. Many people would be surprised by the crime “fads” that hit the city, rising and falling in popularity as new trends are ushered in. Unfortunately, a new “game” has many in New York fearing for their ...
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  • For many of us in Brooklyn, New York, the June death of a former librarian at the intersection of Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway still haunts our memory. As a Brooklyn car accident injury attorney, this incident truly sticks in my mind, as I am well-educated in the danger of that particular intersection. Luckily, a vote last year approved $200,000 ...
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  • How Do I Know If I Have Lead Poisoning?

    Posted By David Hernandez || December 3, 2013

    In an extremely developed and urban area such as New York City, the risk of lead poisoning is typically higher than in other areas of the country where the urban landscape is less dense. As an experienced personal injury attorney in Brooklyn, I have helped many clients who have suffered through the negative effects of lead poisoning. Lead poisoning occurs ...
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  • Take These Dangerous Toys off of Your Holiday Shopping List

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 29, 2013

    Many New York residents are just as eager for the day after Thanksgiving as Thanksgiving Day. For bargain-hunters, the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday is a highly anticipated annual event. Many people plan to purchase one big-ticket item at a discount today; others impressively muster enough energy the morning after a turkey feast to get the majority of their ...
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  • Don’t Let an Injury Ruin Your Thanksgiving

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 28, 2013

    In New York, holidays seem to make everyone hurry even more than usual.Streets become more crowded, lines become longer, and, in correlation,accidents and injuries become more likely. As a New York personal injury attorney, I often see injuries caused in November, December, and January by people who are in a hurry, are negligent, or simply act carelessly. By cutting corners, ...
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  • What Is a Soft Tissue Injury Caused by a Car Accident?

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 26, 2013

    As a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn, New York, I am often asked about different types of injuries sustained after an auto accident. It is no secret that New York roads are constantly packed to the max,leading to all kinds of crashes, and unfortunately, a variety of resulting in injuries. One of the most common injuries I see with clients ...
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  • Residents of Lower Manhattan Suing Over Planned WTC Security Measures

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 21, 2013

    When the World Trade Center is at all involved in discussion, security almost always becomes the center of the conversation. After two successful attacks on the World Trade Center, no one wants to sign off on security measures that have the potential of being breached in the future, according to a recent New York Times article. As a result, barriers, ...
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  • Taxicab Accident Severs Foot of New York Tourist

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 7, 2013

    Taxicabs truly help Brooklyn function. Without them, we would have streets overpopulated with personal vehicles (as if New York traffic wasn’t bad enough) and an overcrowded subway system. Unfortunately, taxi drivers have been known to drive carelessly-sometimes at the expense of a rider, or worse, an unprotected pedestrian. You’ve likely heard the recent news story of a British tourist hit ...
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  • NYU Student Falls Ten Stories, Rescued after Two Days

    Posted By David Hernandez || November 2, 2013

    As a New York University alumnus, I truly appreciate the opportunity and education the school provides. Growing as a student and person right in the heart of the greatest city in the world has helped to prepare me for my career as a Brooklyn personal injury attorney. This is why a recent story from the New York Daily News caught ...
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  • Study: Latinos Account for Most Fatal Falls at NY Job Sites

    Posted By David Hernandez || October 30, 2013

    A study that is scheduled to be released tomorrow reports a very disturbing trend: Although only 41 percent of New York City construction workers identify as Latino and/or immigrant, Latinos and immigrants are the victims of 74 percent of fatal falls on construction sites. The Center for Popular Democracy arrived at this statistic after studying accident investigations of the Occupational ...
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  • Questions remain after fatal fall from New York City balcony

    Posted By David Hernandez || August 9, 2013

    Inspectors from the New York Department of Buildings are warning tenants to stay off of their balconies at the Manhattan apartment building where a 35-year-old woman fell to her death earlier this month. The woman, an advertising executive, was leaning on the railing of her 17th-floor balcony when it gave way and she fell, according to numerous news reports. In ...
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  • Pit Bull that attacked New Jersey Kids had a History

    Posted By David Hernandez || July 10, 2013

    Many parents may have become worried about their children after two 12-year-olds were attacked by a pit bull outside of their elementary school last month. As many people have heard, the two boys were just outside of Lincoln Elementary School in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, when the dog ran out of its yard and attacked them. Both of the boys suffered ...
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  • Feds Shut Down Another New York City-to-Boston Bus Company

    Posted By David Hernandez || June 10, 2013

    Many New Yorkers have heard that federal regulators shut down a discount bus line that offered service from Chinatown in Manhattan to Boston last week. The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shuttered the company, Lucky Star, Thursday citing significant safety risks. This is the second New York-to-Boston bus service that has been halted by federal regulators within ...
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  • New York Researchers Say 43 percent of Teens Text While Driving

    Posted By David Hernandez || May 6, 2013

    Several months ago in this Brooklyn Personal Injury Law Blog, we discussed how common texting while driving has become despite being illegal in both New York and New Jersey. Texting while driving bans have been somewhat difficult to enforce, and many drivers continue to text routinely even though it is widely known that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. In fact, ...
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  • Where Can Immigrant Workers Turn After a Workplace Injury?

    Posted By David Hernandez || April 3, 2013

    Employers here in New York state are obligated by law to offer their workers a safe working environment. When employers fail to meet certain legal standards and injuries take place, it is important for workers to be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses and lost income. In many cases, however, it can be difficult for injured workers to get ...
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  • Fatal Car Crashes Are Back Up: Why?

    Posted By David Hernandez || March 5, 2013

    More than 36,000 people died in car crashes on America’s roads last year. Yes, it was the first time in seven years that the number went up. But that is still an unconscionable number of deaths in vehicle accidents. In New York City and across the country, the problems that cause such crashes remain pervasive. Distracted driving, particularly involving mobile ...
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  • Statistics Show Accident Dangers to New York City Pedestrians, Bicyclists

    Posted By David Hernandez || February 11, 2013

    Pedestrian accidents are and bicycle accidents are a major problem in New York City. Preliminary statistics show that last year 155 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in traffic accidents and more than 15,000 sustained injuries. Many of these injuries and deaths occurred in Brooklyn. According to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 41 pedestrians and seven bicyclists killed ...
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